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GM Recalls About 640,000 Trucks Owing To Fire Risk

Car recalls are nothing new, and every carmaker has to undergo the process owing to several reasons. Of late, GM has decided to recall a massive number of pickup trucks even though the safety risk does not seem too grave. The US carmaker, which also manufactures light and heavy-duty pickup trucks are recalling almost 640000 units. The recall is owing to a potential fire hazard that can be triggered by seat belt unit malfunction. As per the GM sources, The Sierra 1500 and Silverado 1500 models belonging to 2020 and 2019 model year got covered by this massive recall. However, only a small percentage of trucks among those being recalled contain the faulty part.

The potential hazard with the recall affected GM trucks is that in the event of a crash, the seat-belt mechanisms may trigger a fire. The hot gases made by the truck’s seat-belt pretensioners can set fire to carpoets. However, this can only happen in the trucks that have carpeted floors- as per the updates. GM reportedly came to know about a fire caused by that issue back in July. A product investigation got initiated at that time. There are no reports of injuries and crashes. Even then, GM did not want to take risks, and earlier this month, the company decided to recall the affected trucks.

The GM dealers got to know about the massive recall in the 2nd week of November. The truck owners will likely be informed by the first week of December or so, but GM is yet to give out any particular date. The GM dealerships will perform the necessary tasks to resolve the issue, but the truck owners will not have to pay anything for it. Both GMC and Chevrolet, which are under GM, have dedicated helplines using which the truck owners can enquire. The NHTSA’s website can also be used to know the same, and the owners need to use the unique vehicle identification number.