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Short stature people are at higher risk of type 2 diabetes

According to Diabetologia journal, people who are shorter in height have a maximum chance of type 2 diabetes. Diabetologia is Europian Association journal for the research of Diabetes. Taller people have a lower risk of diabetes. In men, 10cm height difference related to 42% decreased the risk of diabetes. In women, 10cm height difference related with 32% reduced risk of diabetes. Professor Matthias Schulze and Dr. Clemens Wittenbecher said that higher risk in shorter people maybe because of the less favorable profile of cardiometabolic risk factors and higher liver fat content. Professor Matthias Schulze and Dr. Clemens Wittenbecher work at the German University of Human Nutrition.
Shorter height has been related to a greater risk of diabetes in several types of research, signifying that height could be used to guess the risk for the condition. Beta-cell function and insulin sensitivity are better in taller people. Short stature is associated with higher cardiovascular risk. This new research used data achieved in the European Prospective Investigation into Nutrition and cancer (EPIC) – Germany. In this study, there are 27,548 participants- 10,905 males aged between 40 years and 65 years and 16, 645 females aged between 35 years and 65 years. These participants recruited from the population of Germany between 1994 & 1998. Different physical data were collected from these people, such as body weight, sitting height, total body height, blood pressure, and waist circumference, etc. For this research, 2,500 participants were randomly selected as a representative for a full research study. The research found that the chances of future type 2 diabetes were lower by 33% for women and 41% for men for each 10cm larger height.
These researchers concluded that short stature people have maximum chances of type 2 diabetes. The authors of the research report said: “Our results suggest that shorter height people might present with greater cardiometabolic risk factor levels and have greater diabetes chances related with taller people.”